Robotic Surgery In Delhi

Traditional Laparoscopic surgery

Earlier, open surgeries were the only option available with the surgeon that included large incisions into the body, which took a lot of time to perform and heal as well. Then came along an improvement to surgical technology – Laparoscopic surgery. In laparoscopic surgeries, as opposed to robotic surgery in Delhi, operation is performed through tiny incisions in the pelvic or abdominal region through which scopes and surgical instruments are placed. It has a lot of advantages over open surgery as it provides a steady recovery, shorter period of hospitalization for the patients. Most of the surgeries, nowadays, are laparoscopic in nature.

In a laparoscopic surgery, the abdominal cavity is inflated by use of carbon dioxide gas. This provides the surgeon with a working space and for seeing what is going on inside. Then, metal or plastic tubes are inserted through minor incisions. These tubes are also known as ports surgery is performed through these ports. Through one of these ports, a laparoscope is passes that provides the doctor with visual data on the screen. Through the other port the surgical instruments are inserted. These are simple instruments with long sticks that can be closed and opened like scissors and can rotate as well. These instruments perform the basic task of cutting or removing tissues. Laparoscopic surgery can be performed only by the best of surgeons with great control and precision in the movement of hand and fingers. Even the steadiest of surgeons might experience a certain level of tremor.

However, laparoscopic surgery does have some limitations as well. And robotic surgery in Delhi is the next phase of advancement in surgery.

Urologic Robotic Surgery In Delhi

Utilizing the da Vinci surgical robot's mechanical arms and 3-D video camera, Surgeon does simply invasive surgeries bringing about littler entry points, speedier recovery, hospitalization for a little time period and better patient results. While the patient is under anaesthesia, four robotic arms and a video camera are embedded through little skin cuts. Specialist performs invasive surgery while situated in front of a PC console giving a 3-D video screen and controls with which to control the robotic arms. The robotic arms have modest wrists which bend in all directions, expanding the deftness and fine control beyond the abilities of the human hand. This speaks to a great progression over standard laparoscopic surgery.

In past surgeons have been constrained to screening anatomy on standard video screens while working with unbending devices which have limited movement. The accuracy of urologic robotic surgery in Delhi causes very few side effects and prompts speedier return of function after surgery.

We use the da Vinci robot for the treatment of an extensive variety of urologic issue including:

  • Ureteral re-implantation
  • Ureteral rebuilding
  • For bigger kidney tumors and non- useful kidneys use Radical nephrectomy
  • For little kidney tumors use Partial nephrectomy
  • For Prostate Cancer use Radical Prostatectomy
  • For Bladder tumor use Radical Cystectomy
  • For bladder malignancy use Incomplete Cystectomy
  • Bladder reproduction for little capacity bladder
  • Retroperitoneal surgery for cancer
  • Bladder Diverticulectomy
  • Process for incontinence (like Sacrocolpopexy)
  • Retroperitoneal Lymphnode analyzation


  • Robotic surgery permits specialists to do complex techniques utilizing 1-2 cm entry points.
  • Extra benefits of these minimally invasive surgeries include:
  • Not as much of pain and scarring
  • Less danger of infection
  • Hospital stay for short time period
  • Come back to ordinary activities within a couple days
  • Lessened blood loss and less transfusions
  • Enhanced results over traditional surgery


Urologic Robotic Surgery In Delhi


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