Bladder Cancer Treatment In Delhi

Robotic Surgery for Bladder Cancer

In patients with bladder cancer, Robotic surgery is used as bladder cancer treatment for both partial and total Cystectomy (removal of bladder), as well as bladder reconstruction.

For patients with superficial bladder cancer, the standard surgical treatment as suggested by the bladder cancer specialist in Delhi NCR is to resect the cancer from the bladder using a traditional scope through the urethra. In select cases of invasive bladder cancer, based on the location and type of tumor, a patient may be eligible for a robotic bladder-sparing procedure for bladder cancer treatment  called a partial cystectomy. A partial cystectomy allows the patient with bladder cancer to keep most of the bladder and therefore also help retain relatively normal bladder function. Nearby lymph nodes in the pelvis may also be removed to help determine if the cancer has spread. In some cases, the patient receives follow-up immunotherapy or chemotherapy inside the bladder or throughout the body.

This procedure for bladder cancer treatment in Delhi NCR, called a radical cystectomy, involves three major parts:

  • Removal of the complete bladder via anterior exenteration or cystoprostatectomy.
  • Removal or dissection of the pelvic lymph nodes
  • The construction of a new , sustitute bladder or urine drainge conduit.


As with other urologic cancer surgeries and bladder cancer treatment in Delhi NCR, we and our bladder cancer specialist in New Delhi offers a robotic-assisted minimally invasive approach to partial bladder removal, total cystectomy, bladder reconstruction and pelvic lymphadenectomy. The increased precision and range of motion afforded by the robotic instruments are critically important in helping to remove the bladder cancer while also avoiding additional damage to the surrounding nerves and tissue; this heightened precision can, in some situations, preserve sexual function in men.

The robotic-assisted procedures for bladder cancer treatment in Delhi NCR typically produce much less pain than the open procedure, as well as less blood loss (and therefore less need for a blood transfusion), less scarring (both internally and externally), and shorter overall recovery time before a return to normal activities.

Robotic bladder cancer treatment procedures in Delhi NCR can be done for patients with special needs or risk factors (those with obesity, multiple prior surgeries, older age, early spread of the tumor into lymph nodes, or complex medical conditions) who might otherwise be told that they are not eligible for open or minimally invasive surgery. Using the robot, Our bladder cancer specialist in Delhi NCR can complete lymph node dissections that match or surpass what the most experienced open surgeons are able to offer.

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