• Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy

    Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy

    I am Mr.Rajendra Prasad Bahmani bearing UHID no.SKDD 663005. Robotic assisted radical prostatectomy with B/L pelvic lymph node dissection surgery was done on 08 July 2017. Recovery has been very good after 4 month of operation and I am able to hold urine up to 4-5 hour. At present I am feeling excellent. Thanks to Dr (Prof.) Anant Kumar and his team for the excellent guidance and operation. R.Bahmani.

  • Ghaji Bello

    Ghaji Bello

    When I was diagnosed as a CKD Patient, I approached an Indian friend of mine by name Jayant Dhoddy and requested him to recommend both the best surgeon and hospital in India for me. After two months he sent me the resume of Dr. Anant Kumar, of Max super superciality Hospital in Delhi. When I read his bio-data and learned that he has successfully done close to 3000 Kidney Transplants, I intuitively became fascinated with the information before me and the Man behind the information. I didn't hesitate to make up my mind. I knew he was the right person to handle my case. With gratitude to God almighty (Alhamdulillah), Iam satisfied and happy to have Prof. Kumar operate on me. To quote him in one of our conversations he said " we operate on people, but God is the one that heals". I like that!. Throughout the Robotic surgery, I , experienced no pains. Frankly, I didn't even know the "job" has been done until I woke up the following morning and started to feel the post operation recovery pains. Prof., Anant Kumar needs no introduction in my opinion. He is a world renown Nephrologist and one of the leading lights in field of kidney surgery in India, the Asian subcontinent and indeed across the globe. Since my surgery, October 2017, I have come to admire him even more. I have a lot of respects for him and strongly believe that in addition to his training professionally, I believe he is amongst the most talented and gifted by God in his chosen career and specialization. Let me use this opportunity to thank all the various teams of Max hospital, ( urology, nephrology) and other team members that I have not singled out by name( for want of space) their untiring secretarial and supporting staff (who are also professional in the way they deal with patients) to say a big thank you to all. Thanks to you all. I have enjoyed the experience. I won't mind recommending other patients to come to Max for the same reasons that brought me and others. Thank you. Dr. Ghaji Bello Nigerian (+2348033147783).

  • Abedihaken Hassen Ibrahim

    Abedihaken Hassen Ibrahim

    I would like to thank Dr Anant Kumar, who has done my transplant successfully. Really I can't imagine how well I am doing after having transplant and this has come after more effort and commitment that Dr Anant Kumar and his team has provided me. In addition I am highly impressed with the care that max hospital has given me in general and in particular the transplant team. Thanks Name – Abedihaken Hassen Ibrahim Phone- +251915774298 abdihakinbhw@gmail.com Country - Ethiopia

  • Mahend & Karuna Bungaroo

    Mahend & Karuna Bungaroo

    We are proud to have chosen maxhospital for my kidney transplant. Dr. (Prof) Anant Kumar has done a great Job. Congratulation to him and his staff who is very co-operative and helpful. Definitely our life has change with a big smile?. Once again congratulation to Dr. (Prof) Anant Kumar Thanks Mahend & Karuna Bungaroo Mr. Mahend Nirsimloo Bungaroo Contact No 0023057329764 Email ID – mbungaroo@omnicane.com Address: Deux Bras Sugar Estate New Grove, Mauritius

  • Mr. Mathur

    Mr. Mathur

    Thanks to Dr Anant Kumar for performing successful Robotic Prostrate Cancer Surgery.

  • Aiken


    “Dr. Anant has a great bedside manner. He listens well and gives good advice. Dr. Anant also has a great sense of humor & positive advice gives me confidence after my surgery. I have and will continue to recommended him to my family and friends.”

  • Nora


    Thank you all for treating me like family! After receiving my diagnosis of kidney diseases, I researched what to do, the various treatment options and who are the best and most trusted surgeons. Dr. Anant name kept showing up in India, mostly by word of mouth and on web. My experience with Dr. Anant is outstanding in all respects. I highly recommend him as a surgeon and fellow human being.

  • Khadhim Salman

    Khadhim Salman

    My operation was more lengthy and complex than expected. However Dr. Anant Kumar made the necessary adjustments. The operation and recovery were a complete success.

  • Daniel


    Thanks to Dr. Anant Kumar " I am delighted with result and was treated with the best of care and attention throughout the procedure "

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