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    Robotic surgery is a method to perform surgery using very
    small tools attached to a robotic arm. The surgeon controls
    the robotic arm with a computer or Console....

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    Meet with Dr. Anant Kumar belongs to the

    exclusive group of leaders of urological

    Robotic Surgery in India

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Robotic Partial / Radical Nephrectomy

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Robotic Assisted
Kidney Transplantation

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Robotic Assisted Surgery For Ureteric Conditions

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Robotic Radical

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Robotic Assisted

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Robotic Assisted Radical Cystectomy

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Prof (Dr.) Anant Kumar,India's most reputed Robotic Surgeon

Robotic Urologist Doctor In India

Dr. Anant Kumar, a robotic urologist in India, has 32years of practice in urology & kidney transplantation and is presently the Chairman of Uro-Oncology, Robotic & Kidney Transplantation Max Hospital Complex at Saket New Delhi & Max Hospital Vaishali.

Dr Anant Kumar,  was the Professor & Chairman of Urology & Kidney Transplantation at Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow for 25 years. He was also the senior consultant at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, Director of Urology and kidney Tx at Fortis Group of Hospital & Consultant Urologist in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK. He is one of the  pioneers  of urological laparoscopic surgery in India and his areas of specialization include Kidney Transplantation, Urological Oncology, Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Urology & Reconstructive Urology.

What is Robotic Surgeon in India?

Traditionally, open surgeries were performed, where large incisions had to be made which made the process very long and it took a lot of time to recover as well. It included long stay at the hospital as well. Then came along an advancement in the fiend of surgery, where operations were done by doctor without making large incisions into the body. The advancement is known as laparoscopic surgery. Minor incisions are made through which metal or plastic tubes are passed. Through these tubes, known as ports, laparoscope is passed which provides the doctor visualization of the interior of the pelvic or abdominal region through which incision is made. Through other port, surgical instruments are passed through that are used to cut, remove or for grabbing tissues.

Although, laparoscopic surgery has made things a lot easier by making the process less time-consuming and proving small period of hospitalization with speedy recovery. It still has its limitations. This is where robotic surgery comes in. it is the next step of advancement in the field of robotic surgeon in India. The robotic surgeon in India are those who are well trained and efficient in performing surgeries with robotic assistance providing better control over the equipment. The robotic assistance provides better grasp over the instruments and reduces tremor while surgery. Also the laparoscope or the camera has two lens that feeds visuals to each eye of the robotic surgeon in India. This provides the robotic surgeon in India with a 3D view so they can perform better.

He had his Urology training in following world renowned institutions;

  • Post Graduate of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh
  • Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA
  • Institute of urology, London
  • Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia
  • Washington University at St. Louis, USA
  • Freeman hospital, Newcastle, U.K.
  • John Hopkins, Baltimore, U.S.A.
  • Addenbrooks NHS Foundation, Cambridge, UK

He has 32 years of experience in Urology & Renal Transplantation as a teacher and clinician. He has successfully done over 3500 kidney transplantations in last 30 years & has been horwesting all kidneys through laparoscopy  forlast 18 years and has done over 2000 lap donor nephrectomy.

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